Catalogues & Technical – Global Supply Line

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Composite Catalogues

Technical References – Valves & Piping

Valve Selection, Types & Features

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Gate, Globe, & Check Valves – Pressure Seal Bonnet

Gate, Globe, & Check Valves – Selection/ Application

Pressure Relief Safety Valve Equivalent Cross Reference Table – Crosby, Farris, Leser, Consolidated

Valve Selection & Design Criteria – Pressure/Temperature ASME B16.34

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Valve Seating Types Selection Guide

API6D Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve Animated Demonstration

Double Block and Bleed Twin Valves (Dual Valves)

Valve Standards

Valve Pressure, Temperature & Class Ratings

Valve Material Types, Suitability, Applications, Equivalents and Cross References

Valve Material, Metallurgical Composition, Properties, Compatibility, Service & Temperature

Valve Actuation

Piping & Flanging Specifications and Standards

Technical References – Oilfield

Oilfield Specifications Technical Information


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