PAGE 61 FCV SERIES REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Notice that the handle has a notch for setting and reading the adjustment of the valve. Directly above and below this notch (when the valve is closed) are the set screws. 1. Open the valve two full terms. 2. Bleed all pressure from the valve. Figure 1 Figure 2 Note: Escaping gas under pressure. Wear ear protection and warn others in the vicinity. 3. Remove the locking set screw from the handle and loosen the remaining set screws from with a 3/16” allen wrench. 4. The primary set screw should be loosened three full turns to clear stem. Remove the handle. Remove the flow indicator ring. 5. Use and adjustment spanner with 1/4” diameter pin (Pt. #10525-S) to remove the packing gland, stem, spring, spacer, and washers. (Figure 2) Redressing the FCV Removing the Trim Figure 3 Caution: 1. Unscrew the stem and remove it from the packing gland. The spacer, spring, and washer will now be free for removal. 2. Push the packing our of the gland with a screwdriver. Remove one or two packing rings at time until all are removed. Be very careful not to scratch the packing bore. Removing the Packing Notch Zero or Closed Mark 11 CHOKES Caution: Set O Ring Seat Packing gland adaptor Insert Spanner Wrench here. P/N 102200 Set Screws