Lubricate between tool and Chevron 13647-S PAGE 62 Use special tool 13647-S to install the packing. This tool is customized to exactly fit the packing. 1. Be sure the bore is not scratched or pitted. Grease it with Lubriplate 630 AA. 2. Put Lubriplate between each chevron. With the gland upside down, push each packing chevron ring in place. 3. Apply Lubriplate to the end of the 13647-S tool. The Lubriplate on the end of the 13647-S will pick up the chevron seals (Figure 4) Figure 4 Note: The first chevron pushed into the gland must have a flat bottom. 4. Push the chevron seals into the bore one at a time (Figure 5). 5. Fit the spring washer, spring, and spacer over the packing as shown. Maintain 8/64” to 15/64” spring compression by removing m/no more than one packing chevron and/or adding spacer washers above or below the spring (Figure 6). 6. Lubriplate the stem and push it through the spacer, spring, spring washer, and packing. Taking care not to damage the stem seating surface, thread the top of the stem into the gland. Installing the Packing 1. Be sure that the stem and seat are lapped and coated with grease. 2. Put the o-ring in the seat using Lubriplate and install it in the body with the o-ring side down. 3. Re-fit handle to the stem with one set screw. Ensure the screw is set on the stem flat. Turn the stem to the full-up position and wipe the o-ring and the O.D. of the gland with grease before screwing the packing gland into the body with an adjustable spanner. 4. Touch the seat with the gland and stop. Unscrew one-half turn. Run the stem down to assume alignment of the seat. Run the stem up two turns and then tighten the gland securely. Run the stem down snug against the seat. 5. Remove the handle and place the indicator ring on the packing gland. 6. Replace the handle. Raise or lower the handle so that its bottom edge is even with the zero mark on the indicator. Tighten the first set screw to lock the handle to the stem. Lock the flow indicator ring to the packing gland. Use the second handle set screw to lock the first handle set screw. Figure 7 First Chevron pushed into gland must have flat bottom FCV SERIES REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Seat and Stem Maintenance 11 CHOKES Figure 5 5/64 to 15/64 Figure 6 Primary Set Screw Cup Point Set Screw Locking Set Screw Indicator Set Screw