PAGE 66 MODEL M & HM RUGGED & DEPENDABLE PROVEN DESIGN The APV API6A valve is designed for the primary control of high pressure gas and fluid. The valve is a through-conduit type allowing positive closure of the full bore. In both the open/close positions the expanding gate is forced into contact with the seats by the wedging force derived from the design of the gate. The gate assembly design is a two-piece design with the stem to gate interface on the gate major segment sub-assembly. The gate assembly is bored with the port size, and milled with the ā€œVā€ surface to accommodate the minor segment sub-assembly. The gate assembly design uses the ā€œVā€ to force the two segments out and into contact with the seats as shown in the illustration. The lateral travel generated with this design promotes a complete seal between the seat and gate. This feature promotes the use of this valve in all pressure ranges when a positive seal is required with no pressure assisting the closure. FIELD PROVEN DESIGN FEATURES INTEGRAL CAST STEEL BODY of the valve meets or exceed the API Standard 6A and NACE MR-01-75 requirements. Forged body also available. BONNET on the valve uses standard field service tools for valve maintenance. EXTERNAL GREASE FITTING to ensure easy access for lubrication. COATED STEMS for reduced friction. High Efficiency Thrust Bearings are used to reduce torque to a minimum. SECONDARY PLASTIC packing injection port for emergency pack-off. AUXILIARY OPERATORS are easily installed. EXPANDING GATE ASSEMBLY ensures a positive seal. The M and HM series valve offer a dual sealing design with an elastomeric low pressure seal in addition to metal-to-metal high pressure sealing. All metal to metal stellite faced seating also available. Floating seated style with pressure energised solid slab is also available (Type FC). SEAT design eliminates the seat from being displaced from the pocket by high pressure. The seats are field replaceable without moving the valves from the tree. TRIMS AVAILABLE for eight standard service environ- ments. Special trims are available on request from APV to meet the most demanding environments. CONCEPT OF EXPANDING GATE (MODEL M) (Solid Floating Gate also Available type FC) MODEL M 11 API6A GATE VALVES