11 SDV PNEUMATIC OPERATED GATE VALVE PAGE 77 Lock Open Cap Position Indicator Limit Switch Fusible Lock Open Device Manual Overide Fusible Manual Override Slotted Metal Stem Protector and Lifting Hook (Valve and Actuator) S/Steel Over pressure Relief Valve Rising StemVisual Indicator (17.4PH S/Steel all Models) Supply Port 1/2” NPT-F (Positionable over 360º rotation) Quick DumpValve Quick Dump and Manual Block and BleedValve Combination PNEUMATIC CYLINDER Pneumatic Piston Type “SM-2CL” Limit Switch Open/Close Remote Position Indicator EExd or EExi Circuit (OPTIONAL) Caged Heavy Duty Springs Stroke Adjusting Downstop Leak Detection Fitting (Without Check Ball) Valve Greasing Port (Above Backseat) QUICK DISCONNECT PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR ACCESSORIES