Parallel_Slide_1-largeWe are looking for local and overseas agents/distributors for the Australian Pipeline Valve (APV) family of brands. Global Supply Line Pty Ltd (GSL) controls the worldwide marketing of Australian Pipeline Valve. Regional territories can be geographic, non regional areas can be semi exclusive with nominated exclusive clients. A preferential discount applies as well as end user referrals. Australian Pipeline Valve agencies can be negotiated on a representative basis or on a reseller agreement.

Australian Pipeline Valve manufactures petroleum industry and industrial valves such as Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Plug etc. The Australian Pipeline Valve family of brands includes Diamond Gear, Flowturn, Steamco, Supercheck, Superseal, Torqturn and Twin-Lok. This range of brands encompasses a range of valves, strainers, sight glasses etc. used throughout all industries in iron, steel, stainless etc. Global Supply Line supports distributors by holding good stocks of Australian Pipeline Valve brand in ball, check, gate, globe, and plug valves as well as strainers, sight glasses etc. GSL also stock APV-Steamco parallel slide, SDNR and right angle globe valves. Australian Pipeline Valve has become an influential brand especially when combined with GSL stock which also includes core speciality items like WC6, WC9 and undrilled flanges in ANSI 150 to 600 as well as AS/BS Table D to H.

Australian Pipeline Valve also manufacture oilfield wellhead equipment. Global Supply Line keeps stock of APV oilfield plug valves, wellhead gate valves, mud gate valves and oilfield ball and check valves.

We are interested in appointing semi exclusive agents who will receive preferential discounts which can be region or client specific for one or more of the below brands. In regional areas, separate agreements can be set up for just Flowturn, Steamco and/or Supercheck as these cover the general industrial market.

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The Australian Pipeline Valve (APV) and family of brands product range includes:

APV Ball Valves – API, Firesafe Agents
APV Check, Gate, Globe Valves – ASME, API, BS
APV Plug Valves – Lubricated, Lined & Sleeved
APV Oilfield Valves and Wellheads – API – 6A
APV Diamond Gear® Gearboxes – Multi-turn and 1/4 turn
APV Flowturn® Strainers Sight Glasses and Valves – Diaphragm, Needle, Iron Gate Globe & Check
APV Steamco® – Parallel Slide & Geothermal Gate, SDNR and Piston Globe/Check
APV Supercheck® Wafer Check Valves – Single and Dual Flap
APV Superseal® 1/4 Turn Valves – High Performance and Lined Butterfly and Industrial Ball Valves
APV Torqturn® Actuators – Pneumatic scotch yoke
APV Twin-Lok® Tube Compression Fittings – Twin and Single Ferrule
APV Uniflo® Check Valves – Iron, Resilient Seated



‘APV’ is not the company name or the brand name of Australian Pipeline Valve. Wherever ‘APV’ is used in this website or elsewhere it is used only as a grammatical abbreviation for Australian Pipeline Valve. As is customary, somewhere above the use of any abbreviation, Australian Pipeline Valve is first written in full and then followed by (APV) in brackets to indicate that anywhere after this point, ‘APV’ where used is a grammatical abbreviation only. Australian Pipeline Valve does not trade as ‘APV’.