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API6A Material Service Categories & Rating Levels

Oilfield Products


We stock and import in-line and right angle manual and automated chokes in stem and seat type as well as multiple orifice and caged types. We stock in-line chokes for gas lift and water flood as well as right angle (H2) chokes for conventional wellhead applications. We can also supply exotic chokes designed to combat cavitation, erosion, noise and high pulse flow rates.

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We keep large stocks of gate valves in equivalent styles to the following models: Demco®* ‘DM’ style mud gates, expanding/slab gate valves in WKM®* style (M type) and Cameron®* style (FC type), in LP screwed (NPT), flanged and buttweld ends up to 7 1/16″ in API 2000 to 10,000 in standard and H2S/NACE service, trim BB to EE, API6A licensed brands. Parts are fully interchangeable. We stock and supply Safety Shutdown (SSV) actuated valves with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. We can also supply geothermal gate valves.img-230

Also ask about our 4 1/16” 8RD/EUE light weight mud gate valves for wellhead cracking service and manifolds for gas and coal bed methane service.  These valves last 5 to 10 times longer than
normal mud gate valves.

The DM, M and FC Gate Valves are proven designs that have been standard in the oil industry for more than forty years. Because of our commitment to quality and the reliability of these standard designs, these valves can be maintained anywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations, without having to procure hard to find parts.

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API6A Wellheads

From Braden head to Christmas tree, we stock and indent A, B, C, D sections in FMC®* and Cameron®* compatible styles. Stocks include casing heads, casing spools, tubing spools, seal adaptor flanges and Christmas trees 3000 to 10,000PSI. We can also supply compact
style wellheads.

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API6A Wellhead Components

We also supply and stock all wellhead related components to suit all major OEM’S utilising our network of API6A licensed USA manufacturers. Even if we don’t have it in stock we can usually supply in as quick as 1 to 2 weeks delivery.

We stock and indent: Crosses, Tees, Tree caps, Casing slips & Hangers (C29, C22, B02, AW, CA etc.), Tubing hangers (TCIAEN, FBBEN etc), Secondary seals (X-Bushings), Wear bushings, Back pressure valves (CIW), running and retrieval tools and VR plugs.

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API6A Ring Gaskets

We carry a large inventory of API 6A monogrammed low carbon steel and stainless steel ring gaskets. To meet our customers needs, all ring gaskets are available in API 6A PSL-1 and 2 in BX, R and
RX ring types.

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Studs Bolts and Nuts

GSL holds a large inventory of A193-L7M and A193-B7 alloy steel stud bolts in sizes ½” through 3” diameter cut to any length. We stock all thread and double tapped ends, pre nutted or loose-nut studs and nuts. We can also supply B7M, B8M, B8 studs and corresponding nuts as well as coated studs.

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Valve Replacement Parts

We can supply API 6A slab, expanding, reverse acting your choice of equivalent or genuine replacement valve parts to suit all OEM’S including CIW®*, WKM®* and FMC-OCT®* available at very competitive prices (such as types: M, M1, FC, FL and Mod 20). We also supply spares to suit Demco®* ‘DM’ mud gate valves and rubber lined butterfly valves. Spare parts are available in all trim types.

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Bull Plugs, Nipples and Needle Valves.

High quality fittings ex stock:

  • LP 2” & 3” nipples 4” to 6” long XXH S160
  • 2” & 3” NPT Bull plugs 4” OAL XXH (1/2” NPT tapped)
  • Full range of Plugs, Swages, Nipples and Reducers in 3000lb & 6000lb as well as schedule 40 to XXS. See our fittings stocklist
  • Needle valves all sizes NPT 6000 to 10,000 PSI
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Swivels style 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 olive and green silver, H2S, NACE, short sweep, stocking 1” to 3” screwed and weld ends, API15CT, API6A licensed and DNV certified manufacturer, sold in Australia since 1990 to all majors.

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A complete line of Hammer Unions (wing unions) from Fig 100 thru Fig 1502 in NACE, H2S 1” to 10”, weld and screwed ends, API licensed manufacturer, sold in Australia for 20 years to all majors. We stock standard and sour H2S specification. See our oilfield products catalogue at the bottom of this page for a full spec sheet.

We can also source hard to find hammer unions such as:

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  • ¼” to 1 ½” hammer unions up to 15,000 psi
  • Insulating joint hammer unions
  • Choke/orifice valve hammer unions
  • Oil drilling hammer unions in 8RD/EUE/LTC threads in 2 7/8″, 5 ½”, 7″, 7 5/8″
  • Quick stab hammer unions – Air seal hammer unions to 10″
  • Flat face straight-away breakout hammer unions

Loops & Manifolds

As we stock all the necessary components we can assembly circulating loops and complete manifolds utilising our in-house engineering facility in quick delivery time.uploading valve as well as our 2” NPT (LP) Ball valve c/w integral Long Weco®* hammer union ends for tanker uploading manifolds.

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API6B, API6BX, 2,000 to 15,000PSI NACE, H2S:

Companion (stocking up to 7 1/16”)
RTJWN (stocking up to 13 5/8”)
Blind (stocking up to 13 5/8”)
Adaptor – seal adaptor (stocking up to 11”)

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We stock a full range of LP (NPT) and flanged RTJ ball and check valves 1/2” up to 7 1/16” in 2000 to 6000PSI. We stock oilfield plug valves for mud, cementing and fracturing service in LP (NPT) and Weco®* ends up to 3 inch in 3000 to 10000 PSI. We also have a large inventory of wafer style rubber lined butterfly valves and LP (NPT) needle valves. All valves are kept in standard and sour NACE trim. Also ask about our 4 1/16” EUE/8RD lite Frac valve as well as our 2” NPT (LP) Ball valve c/w integral Long Weco®* hammer union ends for tanker uploading manifolds.

Sara Hammer Unions & Swivel Catalogue

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  • Chokes

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  • Oilfield Equipment

*Disclaimer – Cameron®, WKM® and Demco® are Registered Trademarks of Cameron International Corporation. FMC®, Chiksan® and Weco® are Registered Trademarks of FMC Technologies Incorporated. These brands are not associated or affiliated with Global Supply Line or it’s manufacturers in any way, nor have these companies sponsored, approved, endorsed or otherwise reviewed any product made, sold or manufactured by Global Supply Line’s manufacturers.