When mounting a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator with a bracket and adaptor to a quarter turn valve stem, careful consideration needs to be given to the adaptor coupling. It is typical with gland packed valves but also with non gland packed valves to have a bracket and an adaptor coupling between the actuator and the […]


Check out our entire Technical Library here for all your reference needs. One of the most important factors affecting shutoff capability is the nature of media being handled. Service life is affected by all of the following factors: – pressure, temperature, degree of pressure fluctuation and thermal fluctuation, type of media, cycling frequency, velocity of media & […]

Vertical shaft drive (top drive) worm gear boxes for valves! Quarter & multi turn gearboxes. Huge stocks in Adelaide including declutchable type. We also stock Rotork & APV-Diamond Gear quarter turn gearboxes with vertical stem (spur gear/mitre box). We can supply and fit to any type of valve from our huge inventory. Click here to view our […]

Quarter Turn Ball Valves Global Supply Line’s manufacturers and Australian Pipeline Valve can supply unique alternatives to conventional ball valves. The problem with conventional ball valves whether they be soft seated or metal seated is that their life is reduced by the fact that entrained particulates/debris are scrapped across the ball through the full 90º motion of the […]

Many stockists, suppliers and manufacturers are frustrated by the number of export inquiries that are sent from many overseas traders based on the ‘shot gun’ basis rather than the ‘rifle approach’. When you go back and ask for more information you’re generally wasting your time as many players in the market have no concept of […]

Here is an introduction to Australian Pipeline Valve’s BVF100-QF Trunnion Ball Valve product line. Design In conjunction with the European designer and patent holder, the proven Extremely Low Torque (ELT) ball valve is available as a simple option on APV valves. This design breaks the traditional ratio between the valve sealing force and the resulting […]

Valve Materials Service Chemical Resistance/ Corrosion Suitability Guide For Valve Material Service Resistance Corrosion Suitability Guides, click here. And if you find this information helpful please share it with others.

Great article by Christof Lindner from Emerson (see link below). Obviously the approach required can vary greatly depending on the criticality, service, size and location of the plant. To look at it from another perspective, operators in many parts of the world don’t have the same economies of scale as Europe and USA in terms […]


May 2nd, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

SEALANT INJECTION FACILITY ON TRUNNION MOUNTED BALL VALVES The issue of the sealant injection facility on trunnion mounted ball valves with soft seat inserts is highly contentious. Over the years I’ve heard every argument ranging from people who say you should not even have a sealant injection facility permitted for fear of operators randomly pumping […]

Model SLSG 150~600LB Integral Flanged Pressure Ratings Available ex stock in iron, steel, stainless steel in ANSI 150 to 600 Class. Applications Water, oil water, air and gas. If borosilicate glass is fitted then saturated steam up to 230 PSI at 200ºC can be accommodated.

For this and many other references visit our online Technical Library located here on our website. If you find this information helpful please share it with others.


April 4th, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

Refineries and factories in Australia must observe fugitive emission requirements. Despite this, a major percentage of Oil & Gas valve specifications in Australia do not mention fugitive emission! Considering methane is 100 times worse than CO2 for global warming it’s hard to understand. Even worse, low cost Chinese origin valves that flooded into Australia during […]

Removal of Packing Rings and use of Backseat: – Most APV valves are designed with stem ‘backseats’. However, valve manufactures in general including APV do not recommend the practice of backseating due to the inability of determining the effectiveness of the backseat seal. In addition, backseating is not designed to be absolutely drip tight. Due […]

March 7th, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

Faster more reliable delivery, made in Canada – fully interchangeable (all parts interchange) same model numbers as Fisher®*! Our Adelaide valve engineering & support facility is capable of supporting the CVS range. CVS are approved by numerous companies and/or their subsidiaries worldwide including Apache, Aramco, BP UK, Chevron, Expro UK, Exxon/Mobil, JKX Oil & Gas […]

Double Ball/Plug DB&B valves With the need for verifiable and maintainable shut off in safety critical applications, double block and bleed valves have commonly been used for primary and secondary tight shut off, in an attempt to provide and ensure system integrity. Historically, system integrity would be achieved through the use of two individual isolation […]

INTRODUCTION The ATZDF actuator is a quarter-turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that doubles the torque of standard pneumatic actuators. The superior performance is achieved by Torqturns four piston design, which generates torque around a centrally located piston. This produces double the power for the same size actuator or half the size for the same […]

Australian Pipeline Valve’s floating firesafe SLFSBV01 ball valve design has been further improved over the last 10 years. Features: – Heavy wall to API608 and ANSI B16 with high tensile heavy bolts (not Taiwan/ China style with hardware store bolts). Heavy T-Bar pole lever (100NB and above). Superior TFM1600 PTFE seats. (TFM1600 is a modified […]

Main Valve Test Standards API 598 Valve Inspection and Test The most widely used test specification in the world. The standard covers all types of valves (soft & metal seated) in sizes up to 600NB (NPS 24). It also includes leakage rates and testing criteria for metal-seated and resilient seated valves. API6D Pipeline Valves Test […]

Composite Seating Since leather was married with timber to improve the bow, composite solutions have reduced the need to compromise. Yet most manufacturers only offer a single seat insert solution. Service considerations include temperature, media type, pressure etc. In the end materials like Nylon, Devlon and PEEK® are a compromise that must serve many masters. […]