API 6D details three double block categories: DBB (double-block-and-bleed), DIB-1 (Double-isolation-and-bleed type 1), and DIB-2 (Double-isolation-and-bleed type 2). Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Seat Designs Trunnion mounted API 6D ball valves have 2 seats that (one upstream, one downstream) can have a single (SPE) or double piston effect (DPE) seats. Single Piston Effect (PSE) Spring loaded […]

Valve Face to Face Dimensions Comparison

EN 558-1-2017 compares references face to face and centre to face dimensions major standards and allocates each one with a series number as shown in Table 1. Table 2 shows the face to face/end to end and centre to end/centre to face dimensions of each series number. Table 4 to 14 cross references the series […]

BLOCK AND SAFETY LOCK-OUT SYSTEM PARTIAL STROKE SYSTEM BLOCK TO SUIT AIR TORQUE QUARTER TURN RACK & PINION PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR The BS-LS locks the valve in open or close position (as a safety, when for example service is done, not to accidentally activate the valve). The BS-PS locks the valve in a small range of […]

We are an Emerson approved distributor and the Australian Valve Centre valve engineering, test & automation facility is Emerson approved. We stock Bettis & Biffi double acting & spring return actuators up to 30,000 NB as well as accessories such as handwheel & gear over-rides. All automation & controls are performed in-house in our valve […]


Others just rebadge the lowest priced valves. APV valves are built and specified from the ground up by valve experts. High level of certification and additional tests are standard, special materials are standard, drawings I.O.M’s and certification are detailed and correct. A 5-year warranty is provided but never required. https://australianpipelinevalve.com.au/warranty/ APV valves are sold worldwide […]

New Team Members

We welcome the following new team members: –Sam Pancholi – Engineer – MEng (Mech)Bill Sutton – Valve & Actuation TechnicianChris Ingram – Paint shopMicheal Serle – StoremanExpansion of The Australian Valve Centre is almost complete and we’ve already started on Phase 3 expansion!

We have donated $50k on behalf of our clients to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Bushfire Recovery. Last summer’s fires saw the largest single loss of wildlife in modern history (1 million animals). Our donation will help restore habitats, further deforestation and land clearing, replacement nest boxes and help to strengthen climate policy and biodiversity laws, […]

Biffi Blog

Now stocking Biffi Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuators up to 35,000 NM. The Australian Valve Centre is approved to test, supply and automate Biffi & Bettis. We keep huge stocks of APV-Diamond Gear Gearboxes such as multi-turn, quarter turn & declutchable. We also stock Air Torque Compact Heavy Duty R&P SIL3 EX rated pneumatic Actuators up […]

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May 2nd, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

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