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image descriptionGlobal Supply Line are sole agents Australia, New Zealand and PNG for the full range of plug and abrasive service valves manufactured by Energy Valves Srl. Energy Valves Srl operate in the premium specialty valve segment of the market and have an excellent track record with numerous major end users and EPC’s worldwide in Oil &Gas, Mining, Petrochemical and a broad range of other industries.

Energy Valves’ main focus is specialised and critical service valves.

Energy Valves manufacture API6D and API6A high and low pressure trunnion ball and plug valves for critical or difficult conditions. The owner of energy Valves has 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of ball and plug valves and actually designed and manufactured the first forged trunnion ball valves and lubricated plug valves to be produced in Italy then as Technical Manager for Grove and Galli &Cassina.

Energy Valves is certified to ISO 9001, CE, PED and ATEX. The company specialises in high performance plug and ball valves, manufactured from stainless steel, titanium, superduplex, nickel, exotic alloys and copper alloys. The company’s main focus is special service valves such as abrasive service, oxygen service, jacketed valves, fugitive emission, etc.

All ball and plug valves are designed to API 6D, NACE MR 0175 and API607/6FA, and are totally manufactured &tested in Italy. Products are guaranteed for 18 months from delivery date. Energy Valves is committed to continuous quality improvements. The company also own a Malaysian manufacturing facility.

Energy Valves consider spare parts a service to its clients, not a source of revenue. Spare parts are available for the life span of the products, regardless of time. As well as local support in Australia provided by GSL Engineering, Energy Valves also has a Malaysian branch providing support to the Australasian region.

Global Supply Line are sole agents for Energy Valves complete range of plug valves including:- lubricated pressure balanced plug valves, which include regular and full bore, round port type and double block and bleed twin type in 150 to 2500 class and API 2000 to 10000psi for critical service and abrasive fluids. In addition, Energy Valves also manufacture full circular port compact top entry plug valves for manifold service with metal to metal seating in class 150 to 2500.

The main focus in Australasia are the following categories of specialty valves manufactured in Italy. Energy Valves has extensive experience in these special service valves.


The DAFLON plug valve embodies the positive features of both Trunnion Ball Valves and Lubricated Plug Valves. These valves are widely used in the Oil &Gas industry and also in mining applications. This style of plug valve has replaceable bi-directional one piece seats that can be quickly and cheaply replaced. Sacraficial seat materials such as bronze, PTFE, PTFE + metal are available and are ideally suited to abrasive and dirty service. The Daflon valve is also available in a single body dual plug double block and bleed configuration.

The Daflon valve is non lubricated like a trunnion ball valve. However, for oil and gas applications emergency sealant injection facility can be fitted to stem and both seats. The Daflon valve is a full circular port metal seated plug valve for manifolds, wellheads, slurries and other special service applications. This valve does not have to rely on springs behind seats like a trunnion ball valve which could jam or fail. Furthermore, the pressure balanced Daflon valve will not relieve pressure upstream during pressure differentials like a trunnion ball valve so both seats always maintain a seal.

image descriptionFull port round port top entry
compact plug valve

Main features and special executions include:

  • Round port:- full circular port or reduced port, low turbulence and low pressure drop.
  • Firesafe API6FA
  • Top-entry:- repairing does not require removal from the line, internals can be removed without special tools.
  • Electroless nickel plated and PTFE treatment of the bonnet for ease of removal.
  • Lower torque:- The balance pressure inside the valve reduces torque to a lower level than other valves, even in the presence of higher pressures.
  • No danger of plug wedging into the body.
  • Plug plated with chrome (1000Hv), tungsten carbide or Stellite for a maximum service life.
  • The plug can be PTFE/Graphite coated to reduce friction co-efficient to reduce ongoing problems.
  • Emergency seal, provided by an internal sealant path (optional).
  • Plug can be checked to verify possible leakage with valve still under pressure.
  • The body and plug sealing surface is always protected from the flow, assuring a maximum service life.
  • Standard execution for H2S/CO2. Size Dn 2″-3″-4″-6″-8″-10″-12″ full or reduced bore, ASME Pressure Class 150/300/600/900/1500/2500 and API 2000/3000/5000.

Daflon Plug Valves are particularly useful for difficult and dirty or abrasive service conditions for oil, gas and slurries as well as for high temperature applications. Full round port design provides the added advantage of reduced turbulence and reduced pressure drop. These valves are similar to (but not the same as) Texsteam®* style valves ‘D’ series and “Super G’ series. The unique design provides a lower torque, prevents wedging and reduces seat and plug damage problems. These valves are used for use as in compressor stations, mining applications, Oil and Gas pipeline transmission lines as well as wellhead valves.

Trim types available include stellite, tungsten carbide, hard chrome, etc. For abrasive applications, Energy Valve replacement parts prices are often around half the price and delivery time of their major competitor.

Seating types include:- Bi-metal to metal seating, combination metal plus PTFE seating, all PTFE seating, Bronze seating and sinterised Graphite seating. Sacrificial bronze seats are also available. The softer bronze material will avoid damage to the harder plug when debris is trapped between the seat and plug. The low cost one piece bronze seats can then easily be replaced in-line. All seating types are available in ASME class VI shut off (bubble tight). The Daflon valve suits rugged abrasive and mining service with various types of metal seats in class IV and V. Class VI shut off can be supplied when manufactured with Buna-N, Viton or PTFE seating. These valves are excellent for numerous applications that experience sand or particulates that necessitate regular, expensive and time consuming seat and disc requirements. Proprietary Viton (FKM) and Buna-N seats are even harder and more scratch resistant than PTFE.

Petronas have this style of Energy Valves plug valves in service on their wellheads replacing traditional gate valves which were less able to cope with particulates in the product. Being a non lubricated valve, no particulates attract to seats/plugs (a common problem with lubricated valves). This style of valve also offers the advantages of being compact and fast acting quarter turn design. Further advantages are gained in automated applications, as quarter turn actuators are more competitively priced than linear actuators and of course a lower torque enables the use of smaller actuator. The Daflon plug valve embodies the positive features of both Trunnion Ball Valves and Lubricated Plug Valves. These valves are also ideal for service applications where higher temperatures are present in addition to abrasive service.

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* Texsteam™ is a registered trademark of Cameron Corporation. Cameron Corporation is not associated or affiliated with Energy Valves Srl or Global Supply Line in any way, nor has Cameron Corporation sponsored, approved, endorsed or otherwise reviewed any products made, sold or manufactured by Energy Valves Srl.


High pressure and high performance quarter turn valves, achieve an excellent standard of reliability and total freedom from taper-locking. In addition, they ensure line and atmospheric metal to metal sealing, eliminate route time maintenance and provide a
long trouble free working life.

One piece body, pressure balanced, standard or inverted plug type, API 6D and API 599 design, regular and reduced port (venturi pattern). Full bore round port is also available. Full round port is excellent for critical service (abrasive fluid, slurry service, mining etc.). This type of valve is superior to conventional “slurry valves”.

image descriptionLubricated, pressure balanced inverted
plug type plug valves

Main features and special executions include:

  • Metal to metal sealing, grease injection.
  • Three way executions.
  • Heating jacket and full-jacket valves.
  • Fire safe BS 6755/API 6FA.
  • Stem extension for underground installation.
  • Full round circular port and taper port.

All valves can be fitted with accessories such as manual and electric gear, pneumatic/hydraulic actuators, switch boxes, locking device, etc.


Up to 600NB (24″), class from 150 to 2500 or API 3000/5000. Flanged and BW ends.

Material of construction:

Cast iron class 125, carbon steel ASME 150 to 2500.

For abrasive service:

Energy Valves can completely overlay the plug and body in Stellite, inconel or tungsten. Upon request Energy Valves can supply forged bodies ENP coated with hardness of 1000/1100 Hv.

Super duplex, Duplex, Titanium, exotic alloys, ASTM B148-B151, available on request.

Double Block & Bleed PLUG VALVES

Long lasting safety and high performance are the characteristics of Double Block &Bleed Dual Valves, born from the need to support the demand for oil and gas industries that use complex systems in offshore and onshore applications.

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Design Features of DB&B Plug Valves:

image descriptionDB&B round port plug valve
  • Lubricated and non lubricated type.
  • Metal to metal seating – zero leakage.
  • Top entry – field repairable.
  • Pressure balanced – lower torques.
  • Full port or reduced port.
  • Round port – low turbulence, low pressure drop.
  • Bleed valve – needle or plug type.
  • Firesafe – antistatic design and anti-blowout stem.
  • Wrench, bar handle, worm gear or actuator operated.
  • Hard coated and treated with low fiction PTFE/graphite
  • Coating to reduce friction coefficient and solves wedging problems.

Key features of DB&B Plug Valves:

  • Size range: 15mm NB to 400mm NB (1/2″ through 16″)
  • Pressure rating: ASME 150 through ASME 2500 and API 2000 through 5000 psi.
  • End connections: flanged – hubs – threaded – butt welding.

Materials of construction:

  • Carbon Steel – Stainless Steel – Duplex – Super Duplex-Inconel – Bronze – Monel
  • Compliance to NACE MR 01-75 – standard last edition.
  • Special configurations to customer requirements.


image descriptionBronze body oxygen service ball valves

ENERGY VALVES manufactures Ball Valves for gas, oxygen, applying EIGA IGC Doc.13/02/E (Oxygen pipeline systems) European Standard, ASME G94-92 Ed.2008, American Standard, and others.

As oxygen service is potentially very dangerous, the most accurate care is taken in the design, manufacturing and assembly process. Quality is assured by a strict and comprehensive range of controls and tests.


from 15mm to 100mm NB (Dn 1/2″ to Dn 16″)


150 to 300 or PN10/PN16

Material of construction:

Bronze, Monel 400, AISI 316 etc.


Energy Valves patented cam action metal to metal seat, 3 piece body trunnion ball valve is the optimum solution for abrasive service. This valve is a superior alternative to a slurry valve or a full port plug valve. The cam action ‘axial lift off’ seat means this valve has all the advantages of a metal seated ball valve but without the disadvantages. As the valve turns the unique seat lifts off the ball doing the turning motion whilst opening and closing. This reduces torque and prevents seat/ball damage. The cam action seat design prevents jamming and significantly increases the life of the valve. These metal seated valves are normally supplied to ANSI class IV shut off only (class V available on request). Importantly the seat design enables the valves to continue to close off to class IV, even after continued use in abrasive or dirty service applications. This style of valve also offers the advantages of being compact and fast acting quarter turn design. Further advantages are gained in automated applications as quarter turn actuators are more competitive than linear actuators and of course a lower torque enables the use of a smaller actuator. This style of ball valve is suited to mining, slurry and other abrasive service applications where particulates in the media represent a problem for traditional valves.

image descriptionCam action seat trunnion ball valve

Design features:-

  • API6D – API598 – API6A
  • ASME B16.34 – ASME B31.3 – API6A


from 15mm to 500mm NB (DN 1/2” to DN 20”)


ASME 150 to 1500 and PN10/PN16

Materials of construction:

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Super duplex, Monel, Inconel 625, Aluminium-Bronze etc.

image description

* Texsteam™ is a registered trademark of Cameron Corporation. Cameron Corporation is not associated or affiliated with Energy Valves Srl or Global Supply Line in any way, nor has Cameron Corporation sponsored, approved, endorsed or otherwise reviewed any products made, sold or manufactured by Energy Valves Srl.