ISO 5211/MSS SP-101 Mount Flange Dimension Comparison

July 24th, 2023 by Amanda Schumann

Valve, gearbox & actuator manufacturers often refer to obsolete/superseded mount pad drilling standards. Some derive from old USA standards that were not carried forward onto MSS SP-101. Some are metricated versions of MSS SP-101 which were never adopted by ISO 5211 but never the less, are in use.

This comparison guide attached allows manufacturers, suppliers & end users to evaluate mount pad compatibility interfaces and adaptability.

There is no other comparison guide that provides such a comprehensive evaluation. Space is often a premium in the design of valve accessories such as actuators and gearboxes.

This guide will be invaluable for facilitating mounting of MSS SP-101 through bolted gearboxes & actuators onto valves used in metric markets or visa versa.

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