Global Supply Line stocks and indents a large range of carbon steel valves in low temperature carbon steel such as forged ASTM A350 LF2 and it’s cast equivalent ASTM A352 LCB. Higher grades such as ASTM A352 LCC and Alloy (Nickel) based forged carbon steel A350-LF3 and it’s cast equivalent A352-LC3 are also available on an indent basis. LF2 and LCB low temperature carbon steels are suitable for continuous service down to -46ºC, up to 345ºC. However alloy – Nickel based carbon steels like LCB, LF3, etc. are rated to lower temperatures (see below table). For cryogenic service colder than these temperatures austenitic stainless grades such as 304, 316 (CF8, CF8M) are required.

Low Temperature Steel Types

Steel Type Grade (forging) Grade (cast) Composition Min Temperature
Austenitic A182, F316 A351 CF8M 18Cr, 8Ni, 2Mo -196ºC
Nickel Based Steel A350 LF3 A352 LC3 3 1/2Ni -101ºC
Nickel Based Steel NO EQUIV A352 LC2 2 1/2Ni -73ºC
Low Temp Carbon Steel NO EQUIV A352 LC1 0.5Mo -59ºC
Low Temp Carbon Steel A350 LF2 A352 LCB Carbon Steel -46ºC
Low Temp Carbon Steel NO EQUIV A352 LCC Carbon Steel -46ºC


Other than temperature capabilities, LF2 and LCB are suitable for the same standard service applications as outlined as outlined at this website for A105 and WCB such as steam, hydrocarbons and general industrial services. The main difference between LF2/ LCB and A105/WCB is that LF2/LCB is Charpy impact tested at -46ºC. For this reason, Global Supply Line stocks LF2 and LCB valves dual conforming to A105 and WCB. We also stock A352-LCC triple conforming to WCB, LCB and WCC.

Carbon Steel Grades – Ex Stock

Material Group Common Name Material Type UNS Forging Spec. Casting Spec. Equivalent DIN DIN W. No Application
Carbon Steel CS C-Si K03504 A105 A216-WCB C22.8 DIN 17243 1.0460 General non-corrosive service from -29ºC (-20ºF) to 425ºC (800ºF)
Carbon Steel CS C-Si K03504 A105N A216-WCC C22.8 DIN 17243 1.0460 General non-corrosive service from -29ºC (-20ºF) to 425ºC (800ºF)(Slightly higher pressure ratings than WCB)
Low Temperature Carbon Steel LTCS C-Mn-Fe K03011 A350-LF2 A352-LCB A352-LCC TSTE 355 DIN 18103 1.0566 General non-corrosive service from -46ºC (-50ºF) to 340ºC (650ºF), LF2 -46ºC ~ 425ºC
Low Temperature Alloy Steel Nickel Steel 3.1/2Ni K32025 A350-LF3 A352-LC3 10Ni14 1.5637 -101ºC (-150ºF) to 340ºC (650ºF)

ASTM Carbon Steel Types Key Chemical Properties

0.30/0.35 C Max A216-WCB A105
0.25 C Max A216-WCC
0.25/0.30 C Max A352-LCB A350-LF2
0.5 Mo A352-LC1
2.5 Ni A352-LC2
3.5 Ni A352-LC3
C-MN-Si (0.25 Max) A352-LCC A350-LF3
C-MN-Si-V (1.15~1.50 Mn) A350-LF6

Chemical & Mechanical Composition A350-LF2†

C 0.30 Max TS Min psi (Mpa) 70,000 (485)
Mn 0.60 – 1.35 YS Min psi (Mpa) 36,000 (250)
Si 0.15 – 0.30 EL (2″ Min) 22%
P 0.035 Max RA Min 30%
S 0.040 Max Hardness, Bhn Max 197
Cr 0.30 Max -50ºF Charpy Min Impact
Ni 0.40 Max Energy F t/Lb (J):-
Mo 0.12 Max Set of 3 Specimen* 15 (20)
V 0.08 Max For One Specimen 12 (16)
Cb 0.02 Max
Cu 0.04 Max
Pb 0.02 Max
Total Residuals = 0.50

* Average
† A350/ A350M – 2012

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