Arflu Plug Valves Spa

Arflu manufacturer Dual Expanding plug valves, double block and bleed.
Global Supply Line are major stockists, $60 million inventory, shipping Worldwide.

ARFLU Dual Expanding Plug valves represent the “single valve solution”. They are easy to operate, require very little maintenance and offer verifiable double block & bleed service with an extraordinary long lifetime.

The Dual Expanding Plug valves produce a watertight closure both upstream and downstream, being used in different sectors:

  • Storage tanks
  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Multi-product distributors
  • Measuring stations
  • Aviation fuel services
  • Transfer of custody units
  • Marine platforms

 The design of these valves allows closure on both sides and venting in the valve chamber (double block & bleed). Since its sealing mechanism is not based on friction and wear on the closing elements we prevent product loss and contamination, in addition to meaning a long life.

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Global Supply Line is proud to be the agent and distributor for Arflu in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Shipping Worldwide.