April 4th, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

Refineries and factories in Australia must observe fugitive emission requirements. Despite this, a major percentage of Oil & Gas valve specifications in Australia do not mention fugitive emission! Considering methane is 100 times worse than CO2 for global warming it’s hard to understand. Even worse, low cost Chinese origin valves that flooded into Australia during the boom leak from the stem like a sieve!
Full credit to AGL and Origin Energy who are proposing a move to target zero emissions by 2050.
Australian Pipeline Valve has a full range of Fugitive Emission certifications. For APV, JC, Sferova, Starline Fugitive Emission certifications please check out our website or the Australian Pipeline Valve website.
APV – Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Floating Ball & Trunnion Ball are certified. Starline, JC, Sferova are also Fugitive Emission certified for Trunnion & Floating Ball Valves. (In the case of Starline the certification is in accordance with TAT/TAMAP for Floating & Trunnion).

Check out this video on best practises for Lowering Fugitive Emissions Caused by valves, click here.

For my article on Fugitive Emission Certified Valves in stock (APV, JC, Starline, Sferova) ISO 1548, API622/624 click here.