Neway Oil visit

May 24th, 2017 by Amanda Schumann

Neway are China’s biggest valve company. Neway Oil are the Porsche of Chinese API6A valve manufacturers. Neway had been in API6A manufacturing for sometime but decided to set up their own specialist division four years ago and sent their best and brightest staff members to set up the specialised dedicated API6A division. Neway Oil are the only manufacturer in China that make an API6A subsea valve. In addition, Neway also manufacturer API6D SS subsea valves. Neway Oil have certification and approvals including Schlumberger, Halliburton and numerous others.

Pictured is President Ting Chen and with Sales Manager Seven Ji doing an accreditation visit at the New Australian Valve Centre. The new Australian Valve Centre has now received Neway Oil approval as the certified re-engineering, maintenance and test facility for Neway Oil 6A products. Neway Oil also have ABS type design type approval and certification from DNV on all their valves as well as firesafe test certification.

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