Improve Total Cost of ownership with valves

June 19th, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

Great article by Christof Lindner from Emerson (see link below). Obviously the approach required can vary greatly depending on the criticality, service, size and location of the plant. To look at it from another perspective, operators in many parts of the world don’t have the same economies of scale as Europe and USA in terms of locally available inventory. Hence, end users don’t like being locked in to a higher specification which restricts availability or competition. An ENP trim ball valve for instance may be 40{25ff19fb4bbe50b2512a26092ffa8499fbe25baf0e752d653cb6adacb3479290} cheaper than a 316 trim ball valve, so why standardise on the dearer trim, especially ‘specials’ that no one locally stocks. In most cases your local stockist like GSL will carry both trim options but if there are situations where you need specials (for instance F51 with lip seals) either negotiate with your stockists to upgrade their specification (as stockists like GSL already stock most types of valve we will gladly do it too as a service) or ensure your supply chain includes suppliers who deal with manufacturers who do small runs of specials at a reasonable price and in short delivery (that would be Global Supply Line!). End users who have well connected procurement staff who can source specials where required can reduce immediate and long term costs without going too far in “idiot proofing” their specifications. What you spend on hiring an extra smart procurement professional who understands the valve market will save you a fortune and reduce delivery times.

Do ensure you only order API licensed brands that conform to the latest API standards. One of the most important issues is to ensure reliable brands and valve suppliers are nominated to reduce the chances of netting valves that will cost you more in the long run!

However, we agree with Christof and Global Supply Line is continuously moving to increase the quality and specification range that mirrors the market needs of our stock holding as well as the level of certification and testing. This includes stocking higher trims but also better castings and forgings in lieu of castings etc. We are also continuously upgrading the contractors, designs and standard of Australian Pipeline Valves. Also GSL increasingly stocks higher level brands in each product type like Starline, Emerson-Biffi, JC, Sferova, Air Torque, Actreg, Valve Italia, Bonney Forge etc as well as Shell and BP approved flange and fitting suppliers.

Our range of in-house engineering, testing and paint capabilities has been drastically upgraded as we leave others to chase the lowest price long delivery market. We are the approved engineering, test and automation facility for all the brands we represent so we can fast track upgrade the valve to your specifications. If we don’t have it, and we can’t build it we’ll find it for you! We are also now a Bettis distributor as we provide you with the brands you want, when you want them!

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