Valve RFQ’s from overseas “Valve Dealers”

October 4th, 2018 by Amanda Schumann

Many stockists, suppliers and manufacturers are frustrated by the number of export inquiries that are sent from many overseas traders based on the ‘shot gun’ basis rather than the ‘rifle approach’. When you go back and ask for more information you’re generally wasting your time as many players in the market have no concept of basic commercial practices in relation to requesting an RFQ. First of all, they know nothing about the product so it’s very difficult for them to be used as a go-between. The main problem is they approach the process with no more detail than the would if they were ordering a burger at Mc Donalds.

If you’re sending an inquiry to purchase any product, don’t send it unless you have covered the basics. Also target who you send each RFQ to! For instance:

  • When do you need it on site by?
  • When do you need a reply by?
  • Do you have a preference of brands you will and won’t accept?
  • If you’re looking for long delivery why are you coming to us? GSL is a stockist! APV can manufacture in 10 weeks but if can wait 25 weeks then we have no advantage unless it’s a small run the bigger players won’t quote.
  • If you ask for certain/ specific brands (which it turns out on question is often the case) why are you coming to us? Why are you not going to the agent for those brands in your own country?

Don’t email me the entire 300 page RFQ package. You are a middle man! Exactly what part do you play in the process? It is your job to disseminate the applicable information, summarise it and send off only the relevant components.

Also, if the RFQ is made up of several components do not send me the entire inquiry and expect me to quote everything. Once again, as you are a middle man, it is your job to send the enquiry to the relative players who are the strongest in their field and put together a package for your client. The other important thing is, before you even send the RFQ out, even for the smallest enquiry, interview your client to find out the scope for technical deviation, brand and selection, delivery time flexibility. Then on this basis send it to the person who is in the strongest position to quote the inquiry, whether it be a manufacturer or a stockist. Don’t just send it out to 50 people or you’ll end up being ‘the boy that cried wolf’.

Wonder why you’re not getting any replies to your emails? The reason is you’ve been black listed in their email box. Also, if we quote you five inquiries and don’t get an order or feedback on next RFQ this will effect our decision to quote again! Put more effort in and build long term relationships!