Air Torque Heavy Duty Actuators

June 14th, 2017 by Amanda Schumann


Another urgent valve shipped to Epic Energy complete with APV-Diamond Gear® declutchable gearbox and Air Torque pneumatic actuator and position indicators, fitted with fully enclosed adaptor brackets.

Air Torque actuators are a rugged, light weight, heavy duty, alternative for oil & gas applications in lieu of traditional bulky iron/steel body, scotch yoke, piston style pneumatic actuators. They are available up to 10,000NM allowing actuation of even higher sizes and classes.

Air Torque Actuators are SIL3 certified, EX explosion proof certified for explosive atmospheres, offshore salt spray tested, 100{25ff19fb4bbe50b2512a26092ffa8499fbe25baf0e752d653cb6adacb3479290} made in Italy and are constructed from a heavy duty, anodised/coated, all alloy steel, heavy wall thickness body with all non-corrosive components and are tested up to 4 million cycles!

A lighter weight and smaller foot print puts less potential strain on the stem area and reduces risk of stem leakage, bending or damage in the plant.

Mass production keeps the price competitive, and kept in stock in Adelaide in all sizes. They are also easily reconfigured by Global Supply Line Engineering to suit different torque ratios.

For more information on Air Torque Actuators please click here. For the full Linkedin article on Air Torque Actuators for Oil & Gas read here