Spring Return Deadman Handle for Quarter Turn Valves – ex stock!

August 16th, 2017 by Amanda Schumann

Spring Return Handle provides unassisted opening or closing of manually operated quarter turn valves. The model 71 and S7 Spring Return Handle for example, driven by a powerful, completely enclosed torsion spring, automatically returns the valve to the desired fully-open or fully-closed position when released. Automatic valve repositioning is a convenience and safety feature for filling, sampling, or dispensing applications. The automatic repositioning is ideal as a safety feature in manual emergency conditions. It is ruggedly constructed to meet the demanding requirements of rapid and repetitive operations. Unless specified otherwise, valve/handle assemblies will be furnished for spring-to-close operation. We torque test the valve and supply and fit and function test while the valve is under pressure.

APV-Flowturn spring return handles are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel components to withstand frequent daily use in refuelling, sampling, drains, and other OSHA applications that require positive closure of a manual valve. Locking devices are also available. Global Supply Line Engineering can supply, fit & test to butterfly or ball valves with live loaded packing to provide longer periods between packing adjustment and maintenance, reducing the need to remove the spring return handles for valve maintenance.

Fuseable Link Ball Valve: – A temperature sensitive valve actuator with a self-contained energy source, for automatic valve operation in the event of a fire (fail-open positioning).

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Fuseable Link ESDV Check Valve

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