Global Supply Line Engineering are the approved Starline, Air Torque, Australian Pipeline Valve, Torqturn, Diamond Gear, JC, Sferova Service & Automation Centre for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. For more information visit our Engineering section of our website.

Monolithic insulated Joints are available in sizes ranging from 50 NB to 200 NB (2” thru 48”) and pressure ranging from ANSI 150 to ANSI 900. Monolithic Insulated Joints electrically isolate sections of gas, oil and water pipelines to prevent corrosion caused by stray electrical currents or interference from other pipelines and power transmission cables. […]

Global Supply Line keeps large stocks of Bonney Forge ready packed with propriety Bonney Forge ECO-SEAL® packing. Bonney Forge: Fewer Emissions. Cleaner world. Brighter tomorrow. That’s what you get with BONNEY FORGE ECO-SEAL®. With Ultra-Low Emissions verified by third party testing to less than 10ppm per API 622, as well as providing lower leakage rates […]

Global Supply Line, Global Supply Line Engineering & Australian Pipeline Valve all together at the New Australian Valve Centre, what a team! $60 million inventory of valves, actuators, sight glasses, strainers, studs, gaskets, flanges & fittings provides total pipeline supply in a one stop shop. Global Supply Line Engineering can re-engineer, re-trim, automate, accessorise, test […]

The API6D test for a factory tested ball valve in regard to seat leakage only requires seat leakage to pass test on the second seat on the other end of the valve in both directions. There is not a mandatory double block and bleed cavity drain test requirement unless especially requested by the customer. Consequently, […]

TA-Luft TA-Luft only deals with stem sealing area. Also, no third party witness is needed. The TA-Luft test qualifies only a “high-quality sealing system”. TA-Luft is considered to be complied with if metal bellows with a safety energised packing or similar sealing systems are used; as per VDI 2440. TA-Luft does not specify the number […]

Global Supply Line has AGA Approval for JC, APV and Starline Ball Valves in all end types including Air Torque and Torqturn Actuated Ball Valves. Click these links to view their certficates APV, Torqturn, and Starline. JC Manual Valves and their Ball Valves with Air Torque Actuators are covered under the AS 4629 standard which […]

The API600 trim chart specifications are designed for API600 gate valves. For API603 gate valves as well as globe valves and check valves, the same trim numbers are more loosely applied (Trim Chart not referenced in latest API603 Standard). Obviously, in regard to globe and check valve, the hardness differentials shown on the disc and […]

Spring Return Handle provides unassisted opening or closing of manually operated quarter turn valves. The model 71 and S7 Spring Return Handle for example, driven by a powerful, completely enclosed torsion spring, automatically returns the valve to the desired fully-open or fully-closed position when released. Automatic valve repositioning is a convenience and safety feature for […]

Many manufacturers and operators in the oil and gas industry have leakage problems with elastomer seals, especially when a drop in pressure takes place. This primarily occurs in sealings which create a barrier against gaseous media if highly pressurised gas falls to a very low pressure level within a very short period of time. The […]

Fugitive Emission, Firesafe, AGA approved, etc.

Early last century there was Cameron (USA) (which the Russian’s copied!) and then WKM (USA), then along came Grove (USA), in Japan along came Kitz, then KTM and IKS (WKM under license). In Europe there was Borsig (Germany) and TK (Scotland), not long after in the early 70’s came BC Richards Australia (who also made […]

Cast steel API 600/ API 603, mass produced Wedge Gate valves and inline, cast globe valves will not necessarily always function properly on a 90 or 45 degree angle which is common practice in refineries. Forged Gate & Globe valves up to 50NB always seal properly but don’t install them in a position where the […]

  Another urgent valve shipped to Epic Energy complete with APV-Diamond Gear® declutchable gearbox and Air Torque pneumatic actuator and position indicators, fitted with fully enclosed adaptor brackets. Air Torque actuators are a rugged, light weight, heavy duty, alternative for oil & gas applications in lieu of traditional bulky iron/steel body, scotch yoke, piston style […]

Examples of our stock holding quality points of difference include: – Anti corrosive film on internals and gasket face Selected stainless and zinc plated top works components. Stainless external components such as sealant injection nipples on premium brand ball valves. Equilibrated 2-stage disc on large size globe valves as well as hammer blow hand wheels. […]

Sferova F51 TM ESDV Ball Valve (Norsok certified o-rings) c/w Air Torque heavy duty SIL3 certified, EX certified, heavy wall, low weight, Alloy, rugged heavy wall rack & pinion, high torque, 100% Italian made, spring return actuator & controls. Supplied, fitted & tested by Global Supply Line Engineering in our Sferova & Air Torque approved […]

Neway Oil visit

May 24th, 2017 by Amanda Schumann

Neway are China’s biggest valve company. Neway Oil are the Porsche of Chinese API6A valve manufacturers. Neway had been in API6A manufacturing for sometime but decided to set up their own specialist division four years ago and sent their best and brightest staff members to set up the specialised dedicated API6A division. Neway Oil are […]

In floating ball valves 316 (CF8M ball) trim is the standard because under 150mm there is only a minimal cost advantage using ENP trim in 150/300 class as the ball wall thickness is not large and the balls are mass produced keeping the costs down. However, in the trunnion mounted arena 316 trim is utilised […]

You’ll find these handy tables and many more in the Valve Technical Library at our website. Click here to view and bookmark all of our valve and piping technical references.

Steamco manufactures cast steel steam valves for boilers, geothermal applications, power plants and general steam applications. Valves are manufactured in ASME class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 as well as AS and BS table D to H and PN 2.5 to 420. Valves Manufactured Isolation valves: Parallel Slide Gate Valves and Geothermal Gate Valves. Piston […]